Marry Christmas from Tram Pararam

Marry Christmas, dear friends! I like, that you with me, with my site, love my artwork. I hope, i’ll draw to you many and many times.

christmas tram pararam

Marry Christmas!
Your Tram Pararam

6 thoughts on “Marry Christmas from Tram Pararam”

  1. The fat illiterate nunsack you’re speaking to neither represents Tram Pararam or any of it’s artists, nor even has access to any artwork beyond low resolution, pre-2008 shit released as free samples. Your site is shit. You are shit. Everything you have or ever will touch is shit. Good day to you sir.

  2. anonymous, thanks for the comment. But this site is free. Therefore i put here only free samples with low resolution. But sometimes i put something new from

    I didn’t write any here very long time. Sorry.. i’ll write new soon.

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