Free passwords for Tram Pararam paysite and Happy New Year!

I’ve got much of your comments. I made a decision to give you 3 free passwords for Tram Pararam paysite(instead of one pass). Thanks guys for your comments, really thank you very much. I didn’t expected so much of them.
Winners are: FloRidah, abc123 and jt.
You’ll recieve passwords from me today for 5 days. Thank you personally for your answers!

Happy New Year! Your Tram Pararam

16 thoughts on “Free passwords for Tram Pararam paysite and Happy New Year!”

  1. thank you tram looking at what content is on the website i might become a member. keep up the fab work. happy new year hope you have a good one.

  2. that one man should have won joey he put the right anwser

  3. hey tram… i was wondering if you could put some “Archie and Friends” pics up, i think Betty is so hot. thanx 4 reading

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