Hey, i need your comments

Really, i need your commnets. I want know, what you like.

Now i recieve only comments with spam messages, it make me mad 😀

Have a nice day, people!

10 thoughts on “Hey, i need your comments”

  1. There should be a section on the main page, at the bottom maybe or a button to lead to a page for a preview of some of the new pics. Just a few so that people can decide if it is worth $40 a month. Nothing huge, just 5 or 10 pics/examples of what’s on the inside.

    thanks for your time, Andrew

  2. some new ideas : bart doing different girls from springfield, shrek and fiona and fairy godmother, violet and dash and elastic girl, boby and louanne, louanne and hank, weekenders, recess, mira nova and buzz lightyear, toy story, class of the titans, american dad and family guy.

    family guy: meg and peter, quagmire and different women (including meg), stewie and olivia, brian and different women, lois and quamire role playing, meg forced by quagmire (maybe/maybe not).

  3. I have admired your work for some time. WWOEC, Drawn-Sex, and your own site (which for some reason, I am unable to view right now). And for $40/month, that troubles me.

    I especially like Family Guy, Futurama, and Simpsons. But these shows have more than the basic charaters. For instance, Family Guy: you drew one of Lois mother, and another of Cleveland’s wife. It was great to see that. It a good thing to mix it up like that, but please a little more often.

    The cartoon mix is a good idea, but can’t you do a single toon set once a month (or every other month). Remember, we use to rate the sets, but no one does it to the mixed toons.

  4. Thanks for yours words.

    Bob: I know real color of real cartoons :). But i’m drawing cartoon sex parodies. I think, it’s much funny in changed colors.

  5. Andrew: I’ll not include preview sets in tours of paysite. We have already added much free content. You can see, that my site is constatly updated. I am very interested in prolongation of clients’s memberships. I know, i draw not faster, but it is not my task. My task is drawing for desires of members as I am able 😀

    As to your wishes, I’ll try to draw it in the future sets. Thank you.

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