29 thoughts on “New picture from me”

  1. the drawing is very good one of the best that i’ve seen you do but to answer your question, it would be really cool if you did more king of the hill drawings.

    keep up the good work and more king of the hill would be awsome.

  2. all of the king of the hill drawings I have seen are great. I’d like to see Hank doing Some of the other wives. Bobby is a riot.

  3. i think u should try mixing it up a lil like puting bart from porn simpsons with nude peggy and put lise also from porn simpsons with naked luane i would love to c that

  4. This is a great pic, and I could definitely go for more king of the hill porn. How about Bob fucking Lu or Peg being fucked by Hank’s friends? Keep up the good work Tram

  5. Still need a mouthful of Peggy Hill’s classic pussy. Still think she needs to quit teaching and become a stripper at Jugstore Cowboys. With her wild body and expressive face she’d make a fortune!

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