10 thoughts on “Thanks to CartoonManiak and new picture”

  1. Hello Tram Pararam i have to say when it comes to drawing famous cartoons you are one of the best out there plus you pick many forgoten toons making your art work even better. From the work i have seen from you is very good but some seem to me to have too much of over sized breasts dont get me wrong most of your drawings like i said are class A+ work but some could use some adjustment on body = boobs scale. I dont mean to bring you or your drawings down but i hope this help you t become an even better drawer. I hope for you the best of luck and looking forward to seeing your next pictures.

  2. Thanks for your words. I very much appreciate your opinion.

    About “boobs scale”. I think, it much more cheerfully and more ridiculously, funny, than to draw what never showed in the true cartoon films. It’s cartoon sex parody. It’s funny.

    I can to draw much quality. But there will be no that enthusiasm and fun, as now.

    I think, therefore my pictures are popular. Modestly certainly. 😀

    Thank you

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